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Hue Detour

This unique detour, researched and created by us gives you the chance to explore and discover the hidden gems in around Hue and its countryside. You’ll be off the main tourist routes and can enjoy a gentle cycle ride along the country lanes – or of course you can travel all by private comfortable car...
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Preparing for travel after the pandemic (part 2)

There’s something magical about getting to know a country and its people. Sure, we all experience cities, culture and perhaps amazing tropical beaches. But what about ‘real-life’? We get asked this a lot – we attract many curious and imaginative guests. Most likely because they want that something different from the normal sightseeing trips. This...
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Preparing for travel after the pandemic (part 1)

As I’m creating this post, we’re perhaps a month or so before the new vaccines start rolling out. Once it does, we know that demand for travel will begin in earnest. We’re already receiving requests for the summer of 2021. Many in the industry say it’ll be sometime- perhaps a few years, before travel is...
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Immerse yourself in real village life

For many years we’ve offered a day trip to Duong Lam Village. It’s some 55km away from Hanoi city and always well-received by our guests. It’s a delightful ancient village with a history going back over 1000 years. It has ancient houses some of which are around 400 years old. One special thing about the...
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